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In today’s ever-changing market, the importance of employee safety training has never been greater. Training is a foundational step to ensure employees can do their jobs safely and efficiently. Training is also a way to keep your employees up-to-date with the latest  industry trends, and best practices for their roles.

K-LAB Safety provides your organization with training that is customized, effective, and engaging to positively impact your bottom line.

There are countless benefits to training employees. Oftentimes, they are overlook because it seems like training takes too much time and effort. Organizations that don’t invest in formal safety training programs may overlook the importance of safety, but, those that do, can measure the impact of their safety programs and see the benefits of the training in the workplace. If you need to make a clear case for investing in safety training, consider these benefits to employers and employees. 

  • Lower Incident and Accident Rates

  • Lower Experience Modification Rating

  • Lower Insurance Premiums

  • Improved Employee Morale

  • Increased Productivity and Performance

  • Lower Employee Turnover

  • Enhanced Company Reputation

  • Higher Profits

These are all great benefits of safety training, however, the most important reason to train employees is so they can go home from work the same way they came to work!

K-LAB Safety provides customizable safety training solutions for any industries including, Utility, Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Transportation.


With over 25 years of safety experience, K-LAB Safety understands the importance of a safety culture that is collaborative with production and operations - one team, working side by side for the most productive, efficient, profitable, and safe working environment!

Below is a list of the most common workplace safety training that we provide.  All safety training can be customized for your organization and specific industry.

Male sitting on office chair at desk with good posture and support.jpg

Ergonomic Training for Office Workers

Manager training worker for health and safety measure in a large warehouse.jpg
Man using fire extinguisher isolated on white.jpg

Bending and Lifting

Lockout Padlock, Red Color. Lock Out and Tag Out. Electrical and Machine System and Safety

Lock Out/Tag Out

Female instructor showing CPR on training doll..jpg
telecommunication technician working at height with ladder and safety helmet .jpg
MSDS Binder.jpg

CPR/AED/First Aid Training

Ladder Safety

Hazardous Communications (HAZCOM)

Two orange cones sitting together on top
Multiple electrical plugs in wall outlet
High-voltage transformer substation behind barbed-wire chain-link fence with Danger High V
A linesman with a power company connects a new house in a rural area to the main network.j

Slips, Trips, & Falls

Electrical Hazards in the Office

Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Electrical Hazard Awareness (EHAP) (Utility)

Forklift Delivery

Forklift Safety

African American workers are exhausted f

Heat Related Illness

Tractor cleaning the road from the snow. Excavator cleans the streets of large amounts of

Cold Related Illness

Safety equipment or PPE - personal prote

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Construction worker wearing safety harne

Fall Protection

Woodcutter saws tree with chainsaw on sawmill.jpg

Chainsaw Safety

Landscapers using chipper machine to remove and haul chainsaw tree branches.jpg

Chipper Operation & Safety

Young handsome African American man working in towing service and driving his truck..jpg

Defensive Driving

Truck driver holding tablet and checking route for new destination. In background parked t

DOT Compliance & DQ Files

Poison Ivy with _Caution_ sign.jpg

Working Outdoors


Hand Tool Safety


Power Tool Safety

Electric forklift pallet jack with cargo pallets at distribution warehouse.jpg

Power Industial Trucks

Telescopic elevator for rent.jpg

Aerial Lift Safety

Electrician working on high power lines from a lift on the back of a truck.jpg

Bucket Truck Safety

The universal backhoe loader lifted up the bucket on the construction site. Rental of cons

Heavy Duty Construction Equipment

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